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Faine's "Be Rich" Project(Faine Elementary School)

Faine Elementary School has a constant variety of needs to be filled for our students and teachers. From school supplies, uniforms, teacher treats, field trips, and our Bulldog Buck Store, Faine could not meet these needs without our adopters in love. One primary need is for our students to experience more out of school field trips to restaurants, museums, theatrical shows, art making, aquariums, zoos, and factories. These field trips will enhance our STEM signature, as well as teach our students about the world outside of school. We also have a need to keep STEM supplies stocked in our classrooms. Items to make this successful would be glue, sticks, glitter, crayons, markers, pipe cleaners, toothpicks. These supplies will grow our STEM signature into classrooms to give teachers the opportunity to grow and integrate all subject areas. This project will help us richly bless our students and teachers!

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